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Vintage Brunswick "Maple/Prestige Oak Combo" Bumper Pool Table Brochure 1979. Used.


Overall good condition all the balls are there and the sticks are good. has extra set of used balls. PICK UP ONLY, located 40 miles sou...


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Bumper pool is a unique game played on a special table using pool cues and ten bumper pool balls.


Set of 12 Valley Bumper Pool Table Rubber Bumper Rings. These are the quality rings used on the current Valley Bumper Pool tables. These white rubber rings produce excellent rebound qualities and are much better quality than the imported vinyl rings.


The sticks used in bumper pool are about half the length of full sized pool sticks. As the shots would not be challenging over such short distances, obstacles called bumpers are affixed to the surface of the table.


The table used is so large that few private residences can accommodate a pool table. To allow the play of pool in smaller areas, the game of bumper pool was created.


Bumper Pool Table, Poker Card Game Table Combo, Local Pick Up Only REC ROOM FUN Buy: $49.95. Time Left: 24 days, 7 hours, 19 minutes and 2 seconds Tables - Chicago,IL,USA.


Bumper Pool. Blatt Billiards manufacturers our tables using only the finest quality materials. We manufacture using extensive experience in old-world woodworking techniques developed from nearly a century in the business.


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