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I just want to ask how can I assign the cell value to a variable which will be the criteria of what I want to filter. by the way the criteria is from Sheet 1.


You can create a variable in VBA and assign it the value of the cell using the activeccell.value property. You can assign value when you track the cell with value. Your code could be dim x 'declare a variable x=activecell.value 'assing the...


Discusses the many ways available to set a range variable using VBA in Excel, including Cells, Offset, Intersection, Union and many more.


Assign excel workbook to local variable when the excel is already open. You can iterate the workbooks collection and test to see if the one you want is already there; if not, open it. Here's the VBA version of this: Sub Test() Dim oWb As Workbook Set oWb = GetWorkbook("name_of_file.xlsx"...


In Cell(1,1) of one sheet, I have this formula: 5 * a ^ 2 + 3 * a ^ 1 + 1 * a + 5 In Cell(2,1) of the same sheet, I have another formula: 3 * b ^ 2 + 5 * b ^ 1 + 1 * b + 3 Screenshot of the formulas I want to...


Using VBA to create formulas to generate results is a common procedure, and can often execute a lot more quickly than pure VBA routines, especially where there are large numbers of cells


Hi all, I keep running into an issue with my vba and Excel and can't figure it out.


So I am trying to use VBA in Excel to auto-generate a worksheet based on some inputs. My problem is that when I try to assign a variable to a cell with VBA, nothing happens. This test code worked: …


Detailed tutorial about defining variables in Excel VBA.


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