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Julian date converter. converting between Julian dates and Gregorian calendar dates. Excel tips and Excel help from the MrExcel Message Board. a Julian date to an Excel date value. MIDparts of this formula.


Summary re conversion of Julian Dates :- In all of the conversion examples below the date 6 July 2000 has been used and the data for conversion is in cell A1. Also, the formulas assume that the Excel 1900 date system is being used.


Excel doesn't support Julian dates directly, but you can use them with only a few fairly simple formulas. The first section of this page describes the Excel worksheet formulas for working with Julian dates.


Note that standard Excel dates (xldate) are only defined between Jan 1, 1900 and December 31, 9999, so formulas that use Excel's built-in date


There are three main uses of the term "Julian Date": (1) A date in the Julian Calendar (2) Another term for "Julian Day Number" which is the number of days since noon GMT on Jan 1, 4713 BC, and (3) A common date format used in the computer indusry "yyyyddd" or "yyddd".


The Julian date for 12/31/2014 would be 14365. Excel has no built-in function to convert a standard date to Julian date, but the figure illustrates how you can use the following formula to accomplish the task.


However, some Excel formulas and a free macro can provide much of the help you need.


Excel-Formula.com 35 Freeware. Excel Expert allows you to ask an Excel question and get a professional answer. See non-reviewed julian date 2013 excel formula software.


If you need to convert a date to a Julian date format in Excel, you can do so by building a formula that uses the TEXT, YEAR, and DATE functions.


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