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Fashion CAD. Innovation in pattern making software. Now you can precisely control the size and fit of your garments.


Fashion CAD (Australia): Fashion CAD software for computerized pattern making for the apparel and garment manufacturing industries. FashionCAD is an integrated suite of software which includes pattern design, pattern grading, pattern detailing...


Fashion CAD – Pattern Design Software. Computer Aided Pattern Development is the next step in the Pattern drafting courses at County Community college. The Prerequisite is FASH 131 Flat Pattern Design.


Tuka Cad Pattern Design Copyright notice: Pirated Software Hurts Software Developers.


They are as follows, OptiTex CAD Software, eTelestia CAD Software. There are software’s that help you in creating patterns for the design and they also help you in scaling the pattern and grading them.


Upgrade this software with the Fashion Design Libraries to get more ideas for your collections. The Telestia Creator Fashion Design CAD software is based on the Telestia fashion


The Digipen is easy to use, it can be used away from the CAD software, wherever your pattern is located, and is easy to use with large or awkwardly shaped patterns.


Pattern design is about what you’d expect – 2D pattern creation, editing, grading, and marking.


Download Tuka Cad Pattern Design Software: Pattern Master. CAD pattern cutting software for all apparel.


Software for pattern design, design optimization and visualization in the pre- and post production steps.


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