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Saving SHSH Blobs makes it possible for you to upgrade or downgrade to an iOS version even it is stopped being signed by Apple. Learn how to save SHSH2 Blobs for iOS 10.2.1/10.3/10.3.1/10.3.2 in this essay.


SHSH blobs can only be saved while Apple is signing the firmware – as soon as a new one is released Apple will stop signing for the previous one so it’s important to


SHSH Blobs are unique for each device, which means you cannot use Blobs from your friend to downgrade your device. Since iOS 6.1.3 is


SHSH blobs is not Apple's official term, the original term is System Software Personalization. The SHSH blobs are created by a hash formula.


By this, all of the users who have mistakenly updated their devices to IOS 6.1.3 seems helpless now. Especially those who have not saved their previous shsh blobs.


Download and install the latest version of 3uTools on your Windows PC from here. Once installed, open the 3uTools application.


Программа поддерживает большое количество устройств, а так же все iOS от iOS 3.1.x до iOS 6.1.3! Для сохранения вех доступных SHSH


Save your SHSH blobs right now. That way, when Apple drops iOS 6.1.1, or whatever its next firmware will be called, you will already have


To save SHSH blobs: Download iFaith from this link and unzip the file. Make sure your iOS device is plugged in to your computer. Right click iFaith exe file and Run it as an administrator. Then Click “Ok.” Click “Dump SHSH Blobs”.


Step 9: Launch Settings and navigate to General > Software Update. You will then notice that iOS 8.4.1 or 6.1.3 is now an available OTA download provided


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