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Smallville: "Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West..." Heróis em Geral. Bart Meet his grand-father Barry Allen & the Flash familly.


DC Versus is back, and this week they put Barry Allen up against Wally West in a battle of the Flash vs. the Flash. Neither of them are the first person to wear the Mantle — that goes to Jay Garrick — and they are in a world wherein speedsters are rather plentiful.


I've read that Bart Allen AND Barry Allen have both become one with the speed force at there own respected times.


This fall, there are going to be some big changes coming to The Flash. One thing we have learned from the season three trailers is that in the new timeline, Wally West is the Flash, not Barry Allen. This isn’t going too far off-book, either.


I find that sometimes, it's hard to pinpoint and easily explain personalities as human and well-rounded as Barry and Wally's.


Which is the better Flash, Barry Allen or Wally West? Flash War will deliver the definitive answer.


Barry Allen vs Wally West = Wally West wins Just personal opinion on who wins in a fight. This is just personal opinion of what would take place in an actual fight, however, what people need to notice at is that none of those match ups would actually happen if they are fighting as a team.


New 52 Barry Allen is pretty much the same as Re:Birth Barry Allen, but this time Wally is black and Nephew of Iris West.


The JL/JLU Flash is Wally West in name and appearance only, he has Barry Allen's origin and story arc and story/character elements, he has Barry Allen's place in the JLA, etc....and his personality is closer to that of Impulse's.


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